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About Leaving Currency Behind

We’ve reached a tipping point in our technological evolution where American labor will be replaced by machines, outsourcing and artificial intelligence at an exponentially greater pace year after year, as the labor-for cash- for survival cycle becomes increasingly more difficult to prosper in, we find ourselves without a plan to move forward towards a better way of life and a new identity. 

Leaving Currency Behind deals with a long-term plan to lower our overhead costs involving housing, healthcare, energy and transportation. The text is written in easy to understand and well-defined terms so that almost anyone, regardless of their financial or economic background can understand it. This new economic system puts the voting power on survival issues back into the hands of the individual voters, through state propositions that are written by a state economic committee, who by law cannot take corporate bribes, kickbacks or except high paying jobs and stock options during their time in office or for up to 15 years afterward.  This new economic system licenses all the supporting companies of our energy, healthcare, housing and transportation industries; making them non-profit, non-publicly traded and patent free, one industry at a time, to reduce our overhead costs overtime, allowing us to work fewer hours per week, increasing our standard of living and strengthening our economy. This system will incentivize companies toward producing superior technology that does not require repair or replacement at a very low cost. The less these key industries technologies cost to buy, the less currency and debt is incurred by the general public in order to own or use them and the fewer human hours everyone will need to work per year in order to enjoy a higher standard of living.

This new economic system uses cooperation rather than competition, open sourcing rather than patents and non-profit vs. profit values to force key industries to provide superior technology to the public at declining costs over time until these costs become inconsequential or free to the general public. This new system brings about an end to the massive waste problems forced upon our planet by a for-profit agenda and can be cloned around the world to help eradicate world poverty and hunger. Technology is the only way we can solve so many of the problems we face today and this system will focus on applying technology to our areas of greatest need, so that we will welcome its advancement rather than fear its inevitability.


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About the Author

Richard Guitar Zen is the pen name of an author, entrepreneur and guitar player living in Northern California, who has a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Wisconsin. A Richard Guitar Zen, You Tube channel is set to launch sometime in 2020 and will include musical performances as well as tutorials on how to create a technology-based economy.




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